The Patient as a Consumer

How often do we view our patients as consumers who have choices?  In today’s medical marketplace, our patients have a choice when selecting a Doctor.  With the proliferation of managed care carriers, patients can pick and choose who they decide to employ for their treatment.  Often times, the complaints I receive from patients (clients) relates to some type of customer service faux pas and has nothing to do with the medical care they receive.

How can you differentiate yourself in the marketplace?  First, you must utilize some type of feedback mechanism.  A local MRI company uses a survey at checkout to capture client’s feedback in almost real time.  After the survey is scanned in, the results are tallied and if any categories fall below the established baseline, management is sent results to their blackberries; the client receives a call from one of the principals the very same day.  You can also use surveys that you send to your client’s home, secret shopping or post signs in the lobby with a voicemail dedicated to customers experience feedback.

As we begin to understand the real impact behind Healthcare Reform, we must realize that the paradigm must change to being patient centric.  More and more this will become a game of facilitating healthcare through service industry principals.  Patients expect their healthcare experience to be top notch.  Now they will begin to expect that the delivery of healthcare will be as meaningful as their care.  At T3 Collect we specialize in helping practices meet their operational goals.  Contact us today at to learn more.


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